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Taking concentration, care, perseverance as the mission, taking multi-level capital as the link, gearing to the needs of HealthCare, Big Data, Consumption Upgrade industries, combining technology, policy, strategy, business, capital and other core resources, building deep incubating global joint accelerator to integrate startups acceleration platform, co-working, startup coffee and other elements which can meet the demand of entrepreneurs. It aims to help more high-tech innovators and companies achieving the industrial unicorn.

Unicorn will work with world-renowned accelerators to build a global joint accelerators alliance which shares project resources and investor resources.It also provides a platform for the global entrepreneurship team to carry out industrialized cooperation in China, and provides overseas bases for Chinese technology startups to go abroad.

Unicorn provides the introduction of third-party services such as law, finance, human resources, industry and commerce, policies and so on; provides marketing planning advice, organizes regular workshops, seminars, entrepreneurship theme salon, and helps the enterprises to organize Roadshow activities; establishes regular contact mechanism with science and technology media and financial media, releases report on accelerator projects, improves project exposure rate and other diversified services.
Industry mentor

Combine industrial experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs to constitute a super mentor team, provide various functional supports to startups, such as group coaching, collective diagnosis, one-on-one interaction, and timely counseling.

  • 平凡

    Shanghai Unicorn Maker Space Management Co., Ltd.: Founder

  • 俞卫锋

    Shanghai Llinks Law Offices: Partner

  • 乔文骏

    Shanghai Lawyers Association: Vice President

  • 闫小庆

    Gopher Asset Management: Partner and CEO

  • 朱伟

    Standard Chartered Bank Managing Director

  • 查扬

    Langsheng Investment: Fund Partner

  • 雷熙文

    Pricewaterhouse Coopers Capital Markets and Enterprise Services: China Director/Managing Director

  • 陈人忠

    The Director and CSO of D1M EC TECH in Shanghai

  • 王玮

    DCP INVESTMENT: Management Partner

  • 曾祥云

    Co-Head of Direct Investment Division of Standard Chartered Bank in China

  • 龙伟

    Co-Founder of

  • 印小伟

    Managing Director and Founder of Zhanyin Investment

  • 拿督 黃森捷

    The founder of SBI E2-Capital Group

  • 苏悦

    The chairman and founder of Shanghai Mochi Sweets

  • 陈垒

    Partner of Qingkong Yinxing Medical Fund

  • 马可

    Northern Light Ventures Capital, focus on healthcare investors.

  • 尚浩东

    Capital Marketing Partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm

  • 陈展生

Investment project

We create value and opportunity through the pursuit of partnerships, and we contribute to the growth of companies by contributing multiple perspectives of industry resources, expertise and growth


CLEARink is a leading manufacturer of reflective display technologies for electronic shelf tags (ESL), wearable devices and mobile devices.Compared with traditional LCD display, it has the advantages of low energy consumption, light weight material, reading in daylight, video function and so on. The latest color video electronic paper display technology of CLEARink Displays won the best award in the annual disweek of International Society for Information Display (SID) in 2017,and attracted the attention from a number of industrial giants, including Apple and 3M.


VELOX is focusing on the technology research and development of early accurate diagnosis , the independent research of Integrated Comprehensive Droplet Digital Detection (IC3D) can not only detect the bacteria in the blood, but also a universal platform in the fields of rapid Detection technology, having an enormous potential in the future of rapid detection field.


Bigodata provides the enterprise data information, marketing consulting services, business intelligence reports and other services for future business decisions and marketing strategy, through large data intelligent marketing engine and historical data detection, using big data technology insight into consumers, full realizing the transformation of business decisions from "experience" to "digital".


As a leader of domestic intelligent retail hardware and software, Halation Net Info Corporation creates a retail data management platform and operation management system, provides soft hard integration solution for retailers in stores space management, procurement and inventory management, visualization, terminal management data to predict and standardization and other fields, the main service including retail, intelligent medical, logistics, warehousing, market department, manufacturing and other fields, the core hardware and software products have obtained patents.


Life Perfusor is the only advanced medical equipment company which independently researchs and develops "the perfusion preservation, recovery and transfer technology of transplanted organs", was awarded the first prize of national scientific and technological progress for two consecutive years.Currently, it is building a Chinese transshipment and demonstrated quality control data platform of transplanted organs with the Chinese medical doctor association and China transplanted organ quality control professional committee, actively promoting the standardization of transhipment, being aimed to become the national benchmarking of the perfusion preservation and recovery of transplanted organs, and the world's leading solution provider.


CHIHUO is committed to become the most reliable food media platform, taking food as the breakthrough point, being aimed at creating the first community for overseas Chinese living consumption, building the bridge between overseas and Asia.


By issuing a digital marketing currency (public accumulate points) and realizing the circulation, it will help more enterprises in the traditional retail industry and traditional manufacturing industry to realize a smart marketing.

Apply for acelerting
Unicorn Global Joint Accelerator currently sets up two terms per year, 4 months per term, and for each term at least 6 startups settled in. The application conditions for entry are prepared for startups in the medical, big data and macro-consumer industry which are currently in the pre-A to A round financing. Applications can be made through WeChat ID self-registration or investment institutions, businesses, business partners and advisory teams.

We look forward to cooperate with you