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Location: Shanghai·Xuhui·Caohejing, Inner Ring Traffic Hub, Close to Metro Line 9. 9000 square meters of smart collaborative space, scientific layout design. Subdivided area design, provide a variety of office entertainment facilities, enjoy the leisure and easy. Here, it’s not just an office position or space, it also means more efficient completion of work.

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Joint Office
Flexibility, time management, more business networking, more personal networking, a professional environment, and inspiring creativity.
Independent Working Space
Equipped with professional access control system and sound insulation glass, deep and close community resources to win more entrepreneurial possibilities.
Public Meeting Room
Three Party Conference Call; we can hold customized business negotiation, small meetings and large events, and have more than one negotiation booths and meeting rooms for 10-20 people.
Roadshow Area
It can accommodate 100 people, located on the first floor.
The spread of dark colors makes the recreational and comfortable lounge more rigorous. Chic ball style droplight and gray soft sofa, that creates a higher comfortable feeling.
advantage service
Unicorn provides the introduction of third-party services such as law, finance, human resources, industry and commerce, policies and so on; provides marketing planning advice, organizes regular workshops, seminars, entrepreneurship theme salon, and helps the enterprises to organize Roadshow activities; establishes regular contact mechanism with science and technology media and financial media, releases report on accelerator projects, improves project exposure rate and other diversified services.
  • Shanghai Zhengsheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional agency focuing on intellectual property rights, double soft cognizance, the recognition of high-tech enterprises, transformation of high-tech achievements, all kinds of science and technology, and science and technology project of special funds.Shanghai Zhengsheng has received a large number of professional talents, taking the customer demand as the center, gradually setting up a set of policy project consulting, intellectual property consulting, HR consulting, financial consulting, legal advice consulting service platform, from the aspects of the combination of intellectual property rights and industrial policy, giving companies targeted systemic services, helping enterprises to apply for registration with the copyright and other intellectual property rights, and intellectual property rights and combining research, development, production and market, developing, applying, tranfering, making many enterprises intellectual achievements conversion rate increases greatly.In the past two years, the company's software copyright agency business average growth rate is 80%, not only improving their own popularity, but also enhancing the cognition to the intellectual property policies, truly achieving the "policy, enterprise, agency" win-win benign and sustainable development.
  • Shebao Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. adheres to "make the society more efficient" as the mission, focus on service staff, service enterprises, service the livelihood of the people as the goal, to create a one-stop online human resources service system, providing social security / accumulation fund agent, commercial insurance, HR outsourcing, claims and other services for enterprise and individual user.
    In November 2015, the company obtained the angel wheel investment from Zhenge Fund, completed A round of financing in April 2016, and the business entered a stage of rapid development.
    Shebaortong is a product of Shebao Information Technology, and the company relies on SaaS cloud technology to create "Internet + social security" mode and launched online human resource service platform in China.Through the WEB, mobile WeChat to provide customers accurate and efficient social security, accumulation fund, commercial insurance payment, claims, transfer, bills, queries, API interface and other services.
    Since its development, Shebaotong has become an important part of smart cities in various regions. It is also an online social security service platform with strong domestic delivery capability and wide distribution of branches.
    We firmly believe that: the future is a fully connected world, Shebao Information Technology will actively build a more efficient social service system, realizes the comprehensive interconnection between person and society, person and companies, enterprises and society, and promotes social harmony and progress.
  • Shanghai Jiageng Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is organized by a gourp of people who have developed over 15 years finance director working experience in top 500 companies in Europe and America, and specialized in the enterprise financial management consulting and services.The main members of the company are not only familiar with the Chinese accounting standards, and also familiar with International Fianacial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (USGAAP), having rich experience in financial management and enterprise comprehensive management. The company takes small-and-medium-sized enterprises as the main customer base, and is dedicated to small-and-medium-sized enterprises to provide a full set of professional and safe accounting treatment and tax services, including bulid comprehensive, formal, efficient financial management system and system of internal control process, the enterprise financial management of the overall solutions, helping enterprises to establish efficient controlled the financial management and internal control mechanism as early as possible, processing the timely and effective tax planning, to the steady and sustainable development of the business, improving business performance and corporate image.
  • SLEASE the leading one-stop office equipment rental platform.
    We are committed to provide the overall solution of lease for the enterprise office, exhibition activities, real estate, education training, video games and exclusive customization fields, the main businesses are office equipment leasing, fashion electronic rental, exhibition equipment leasing, software rental and so on.We adhere to the principle of integrity and service, and we are committed to providing customers with high quality and perfect services.
    SLEASE provides renters "no deposit lease", "quality service", "easy work" services as the main characteristic of integrated office services, to reduce equipment investment and reduce operating costs for enterprises. We strive to create customer interest office equipment rental sales new pattern.At the same time, we insist on the fast and precise service principle, and set up direct subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Kunshan, Langfang and other cities, covering 70% of the country.
  • A company dedicates to IT technology partners and software services of high-tech companies, provides sustainable value for the partners, based on the accumulation in the field of various industries and the rich experience in the product of the Internet and system building. We always have a foothold and the forefront of business and technology, has always been adhering to the "helping partners succeed" business service concept, with "Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway (at any time, any place, in any way to get service)" Internet entrepreneurship for partners to provide efficient, high quality information service.
  • National first 100% online human resources service platform, based on in-depth understanding of industry and industrial leading cloud + SaaS model, provides enterprises five insurances, tracking query, online transfer, consulting, and other online social security services, including compensation management, commercial insurance and welfare mall and other one-stop online human resources management services, it is committed to make human resources more simple.
    Since its establishment in the third year, JOYOWO has developed branch offices in 135 cities around the country, the number of paying enterprise users has been over 28000, the service network has been covering more than 400 cities and regions, a comprehensive open era of Chinese social security, no dead angle.
  • Shanghai Niurendao Enterprise Service Co., Ltd. affiliated to Shanghai Yusheng Group, its main business is acting as an agent for registered companies and keeping accounts, including enterprise registration agent, financial agent, agent registration of trademarks, and other fields.Shanghai Niurendao is authenticated by the industrial and commercial enterprise registration agency, is Chinese small-and-medium-sized enterprise ecosystem service platform, with "to make startups easy" as the core, adhering to the "user first, service first" concept, dedicated to build enterprise service one-stop O2O service platform, truly achieves one-to-one professional business services.Niurendao is overturning the traditional industrial services, using the Internet thought to create entrepreneur ecosystem, realizing accurate docking enterprise and investment promotion personnel at both ends, helping entrepreneurs from hoarding their registered enterprises, save time and cost, and really enjoy the zero commission efficient one-stop business registration services.
    Currently, our main business are: Domestic and overseas enterprises registration, alteration, (name, legal person, address, the registered capital increase or decrease, equity), equity structure design, financial agent, trademark registration, personnel agent, patent service, and so on.
  • CaiHong Lawyer Web ( is the first 100% online legal service platform, fouces on the legal department of small-and-medium-sized enterprises, based on a deep understanding of industry and industrial leading cloud + SaaS model, provides the legal consultation, contract review, contract drafting, enterprise legal risk control, and other online legal non-lawsuit service, including trademark, patent and other value-added services.
    Corporate Mission: Using the Internet to make corporate legal affairs easy.
    Corporate Vision: To enable every small-and-medium-sized enterprise having a legal department.
    Services Concept: 100% online, paperless legal services.
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